A Yoyo Quilt

I was visiting my parents today, and took photos of a yoyo quilt I had made for them years ago.  I must have been a teenager, since the gift was for their 25th wedding anniversary in the ’70s?  I don’t think they actually got the quilt until much later.  Looking back, I am amazed that I managed to make such a big yoyo quilt.  I guess I have always been a quilter without even thinking about it.

2014-10-04 10.56.34_mod

2014-10-04 10.57.04_mod


  1. It’s beautiful…so bright and happy! Your inner quilter was always there, patiently waiting to be reborn!

  2. I love yoyos! The quilt is incredible !

  3. The kimono quilt is fabulous and I love the black border.
    I gave up quilting after my first quilt , I like quick results on my projects and it took a year LOL

  4. Oh I forgot to mention the yo yo quilt
    I seen an all white yo yo quilt once and was amazed
    YOu spent a lot of time on that quilt for your parents looks like it would fit a queen bed top

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