Kid #1 Launched…

I knew this day would come. I think every parent anticipates this day with mixed emotions.  I am very sad but happy for him, at the same time.  Sad because I will miss seeing him on a regular basis, and happy that he is finally going to start his adult life…  My oldest son left the other day for a new “real” job which takes him to another State.  Hopefully, he will turn on his Skype now, and we will be able to video chat weekly… If you’re reading this, and you know who you are – turn on your Skype! 🙂




  1. Aw, what a tough day indeed. I’m sure you felt so much pride, but mainly a bit of sadness. It really is a huge change if your son is moving out of state. I think I would be a mess – knowing me. 😦 But you are right, we are very fortunate with technology now. Just think when we were in college – no cell phones even! Wishing your son the best as he starts his new job! 🙂

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