Thrift Store Vintage Finds

Recently, I came across a group of very interesting bloggers.  They are into everything vintage and artsy.  In fact, I was able to join a Valentine heart swap over at Cozy Blanket (more on that on another post).  Anyway, their activities peaked my interest, and the other day during running errands, I looked in at a thrift store in my town.  Way in the back was a woman with a little thrift boutique.  She had the most interesting things in her shop.  Everything was such a bargain, I couldn’t resist! – this after telling myself I need to purge my house of “stuff”!

When I look at things, I am always thinking of one craft or another that I can use them for.  I found these beautiful hand crocheted doilies:

ThriftStoreFinds1She even had a tin full of vintage buttons! I am hoping someone will have a button swap soon – the last one I was involved in was so much fun! Here are the ones I chose and brought home:


And even though Christmas is over for now, I couldn’t resist these two choir girls – love the era!


And finally, this little tin house.  I thought it would make a nice house for my little kiddle dolls from my childhood. When I came home, I checked on the markings, and it is illustrated by Gillian Tyler, an English artist, and produced by Dana Kubick.  It makes me wonder how it came to be in the corner of a little thrift boutique here in California…



  1. So thrilled to hear that I am In your vintage collection . There’s another tin out there somewhere if a barn full of animals . Happy finding !

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