Official Start Of New Year!

Things have been so hectic around here to say the least.  I am finally ready to kick off the new year… Just to wrap up the season:

My younger two have had a tradition of making a ginger bread house.  With all their activities, they just managed to make it before younger son returned to college. This year, the “kit” got even easier I am told.  One day, I will challenge them by having them make it from scratch:

OfficialStart2013_1And here he is getting ready to head back.  He attends university by the beach, and for whatever reason wears sandals – even with sweaters! This, to the dismay of his younger sister’s fashion sensibilities.

OfficialStart2013_2And the movers have finally arrived this morning to take away the rest of oldest sons belongings.  Of course, what young upcoming professional can’t do without: huge flat screen TV, snowboard, ice hockey equipment, skydiving helmet, game console, sound system, exercising equipment, collection of beer glasses, and a hand me down vacuum cleaner from his parents 🙂 Also very efficient at putting his clothes in garden trash bags…

OfficialStart2013_3 OfficialStart2013_4Which just leaves me with our daughter, soon to graduate HS and suffering from a chronic case of senioritis (since her junior year).  And of course, our dogs: Happy and Grumpy – just kidding, Hiro and Koko.

OfficialStart2013_5And… I have no more excuses, time to put away the seasonal decorations and clean the house – yippie!!! 😉


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