Glitterfest 2012!

My daughter and I finally made it to this years Glitterfest held in Santa Ana CA.  As art/craft shows go, I found it to be very unique.  There were a lot of amazing and creative artists represented.  It was sooo crowded, but I managed to take some photos:

My daughter fell in love with these crowns, tiaras, and headbands; I will have to have a go at making one sometime soon…

These vintage button rings were so cute!

And even better, Maria Grimes of Garden Path Beads was there.  When I started making lampwork beads, I came across many talented bead makers.  There are only a handful of bead artists that I admire, and Maria is one of them.  She is a skilled lampworker, and comes up with the most wonderful and unique ideas to incorporate into her designs.  Here is an adorable pig pendant I bought – “When Pigs Fly”:

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