Bird A Week Challenge: Week 20/52

What’s old is new again.  Everytime I go shopping with my daughter, I see an owl accessory.  As I recall, they were “in” back in the ’60s – ’70’s?

I made an owl pendant out of paper clay.  The eyes are vintage rhinestones.

Drawing Lab 2011: Drawing Faces

I was not too excited about drawing a face this week.  It just seemed a bit difficult to draw a persons likeness.  I decided to use my maternal grandfather as my subject:

The photo showed my grandfather with very short hair, and since it was such an old photo, there were less shadows to contend with 🙂

Beaded Amulet Bag

I was rummaging through my craft supplies when I came across a knitted beaded amulet bag/necklace project that I had started several years ago.  Well, with my “Artful Year” in mind, I decided to finish it:

I used the Swag Amulet Knit Kit from The Beaded Bag Co. located in Denver, CO.  Knitting with size 0000 knitting needles was not too bad, but transferring seed beads onto the perle cotton was a bit of a chore.  I had knitted at least four of these amulet bags as gifts, and this one was meant for myself – now I finally have one :-).  I finished it off with an amethyst nugget drop.  Here is a close up:

Vessel Pendants

I have been neglecting my jewelry making lately in lieu of digital graphics (my current passion/obsession).  These vessels have been on my bead table for the last few weeks, wating to be made into pendants.  And I finally finished them:

These vessel pendants can be found in my Etsy Shop.  They even come with their own sterling silver funnels :-).

Zentangle Challenge #22 “A Little Help From My Friends” And Therapy

I found this week’s challenge to be a lot of fun.  I asked my daughter to draw a tangle for me:

And this is what I came up with (do you see the creature in there?):

I did this during my daughter’s physical therapy.  Since I had my camera (to take the “before” tangle), I took some shots of my daughter working hard.  At least she has a nice view out the window :-).  This is the quintessential image of what surrounds our town; Orange groves set amidst rows of palm trees against a backdrop of snowcapped mountains.  Ok, there are some random trees that got in the way of the orange trees, but they are there :-):

Addies Bugs & Grapes And My Alpha Freebie

Addie of Addies Designs is hosting another scrapbooking challenge.  You can find the challenge at Coolscrapsdigital, CU Pack for a freebie.  Addie is giving away these very cute bugs and grapes and we are to make freebies with them:

All the other designers/participants have made very nice elements and kits.  I thought it would be fun to make coordinating alphas to go with them:

Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #91 Drowning

Drowning could be construed as drowning in debt, drowning in sorrow, drowning in love, etc., or literally drowning in water.  I thought  I would reverse things a bit for this theme:

A fish drowning in open air. I am not too pleased with this, but I couldn’t think of anything better at the moment.


Sky: My personal photo

Wood plank:  Far Far Hill

Fish & Sign: Google Image

Overlay:  Shadowhouse Creations

Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #23 Hunted

The theme “Hunted” could mean a lot of things.  I decided to use good old “Red” for this challenge:

I used cute vintage book graphics of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf to keep this theme upbeat and light.  The creepy background adds a bit of contrast.  I also gave Red a guiding light so she knows she will be alright :-).


Creepy trees background, Red, & Wolf:  Google images

Guiding light: Auntie M Designs

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 19/52

This is what I put in the birdie trinket box I made for my mother last week:

I made the little birds from paper clay – I still have quite a bit left over from the Izannah Walker doll (I am making progress).  The earrings have pressed glass flowers and fresh water pearl dangles, and are finished off with sterling crowns and swarovski crystals.

Drawing Lab 2011: Artists Choice

This weeks assignment was artists choice.  We were to work on a missed assignment, or one that presented a challenge for us.  Well, I was the recipient of April’s drawing lab  prize; a very nice set of colored pencils, eraser, and handmade journal from Jeannie.  So, I decided to do an assignment where I could use my new pencils:

This time, I used the letters from my last name.  I think the zentangle weekly challenge helped me on this one :-).

Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #39 Dreams

My favorite dreams are about flight.  I don’t often dream of flying, but when I do, it is really enjoyable.

In this scene, I am imagining a young girl falling asleep while reading a book about fairies.  She is dreaming that she is the fairy queen, taking flight on a flower chariot drawn by butterfiies.


Fairy image: Dover digital graphics/Artist: Richard Doyle

Sleeping Girl: Google image of painting by Pietro Antonio Rotari

Overlay: Vera Lim Designs

Flowers & glitter spray: Irene Alexeeva Designs

Pinkie & Blue

Well, guess who came to live with us on Mother’s day? Pinkie and Blue!

They are more Lilac and Peppermint, but after my recent visit to The Huntington, I decided to name them Pinkie (right) and Blue (left) :-).

Apparently there are local Blythe Meets from time to time – I will have to try and attend the next one.  They also have an annual Blythe Convention – too far away to attend: BlytheCon2011