My Very First Online Chat

I recently received an e-mail notice from Digishoptalk regarding an online chat with their featured designer, Liz Tamanaha of Paislee Press.  Considering I am practically glued to my computer these days, I popped into the chat.  It was an experience since I had never been in a chat room before.  At first, I was a bit confused.  It seemed like Liz was fielding a bunch of questions all at the same time, and the answers and questions were all over the place.  After a while, I got the hang of it.  I even put my two cents in once :-).  Anyway, the part I wanted to share and am excited about was at the end, when they played a trivia game.  I actually answered one of the questions right and won a gift certificate to Liz’s shop! How fun is that! And here is what I got:

Liz has a very unique style.  I have several styles that I am partial to, and hers is definitely one of them.  They are refreshing, and elegant.  This kit reminded me of Japanese design, so I got it too:

And here is a layout I made.  Since the family are camera shy, and I feel a bit self conscious, I found an old photo of myself taken in Paris a very long time ago.  A bunch of us from the Institute spent our winter break in Paris.  For some reason, I thought after I finished graduate school in the Netherlands, I would not have the occasion to go to France so I made an effort to go. Well, I ended up getting a job in Paris! – go figure: