Zentangle Challenge #21 “Oof”

This week, Rick and Maria of Zentangle came up with a new tangle called “Oof“.  Since I have been thinking “garden & flowers” lately, I decided to incorporate a flower into this weeks challenge:

“Oof” was not that simple to draw – for me.  My initial diamonds were a bit misaligned, so the overall “Oof” is a bit off.  I’ll call mine “Goof”.  Otherwise, it was as usual, very fun to do :-).


  1. this is a lovely flower. I like your goofy interpretation of Oof.

  2. A flower blooming with beauty!

  3. It’s my cup of tea – I like things to be a bit off and your oof fits fine

  4. Your Oof has character, lovely idea.

  5. dwhirsch says:

    “Goof.” 🙂 I didn’t see the flower at first, so when I did, it was a delightful surprise. (I have issues drawing diamonds, too. I keep thinking squares on angles, but that still doesn’t translate!)

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