A Visit To The Huntington Library

The other day, my friend Lorin and I met at The Huntington Library in San Marino.  It was a nice day, and they had an exhibition, “Revisiting The Regency” going on:

It was not a very large exhibit, but well worth seeing.

I visited The Huntington Library for the first time as a child, and remember fondly the two paintings, Pinkie by Thomas Lawrence, and The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough.  Seeing them again was like seeing old friends.  I just love these paintings:

The Huntington is also known for their lovely gardens.  Unfortunately, the Japanese Garden was closed, but there were many other areas to enjoy:

They also have many wonderful sculptures gracing their grounds:

There is a lot to see and enjoy.  Although I was a bit pressed for time, it turned out to be a nice afternoon outing.

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