February Garden 2011 II: SunnysideLOCAL

I have already spoken about my garden this month, but since I missed last month, I thought I would double up. This time, I am going to introduce my neighbor, Mindy’s garden. Mindy and her friend Jane (also my friend) have started a nursery called SunnysideLOCAL.  They are a licensed nursery and certified farmers market grower located in Redlands, California.  Mindy and Jane share a similar philosophy about food:  As much as possible, eat sustainably grown food that is raised locally and tastes great.  All of their edible plants are grown from organic seeds sown in excellent organic potting mix.  Their growing fruit includes a variety of citrus, peaches (white and yellow), Nectarines (white and yellow), Black Mission figs, Wonderful pomegranates, strawberries (grown for jam stock), blueberries and melons.  Insecticides are never used and weed killing is done with an OMRI approved orange oil based herbicide.  They have a stand, stocked daily with their locally grown fruits, vegetables, and plants, as well as jams and jellies made from their own fruits. They can also be found at our local Saturday farmers market. For more on SunnysideLOCAL visit www.sunnysidelocal.com:

And here are some photos from their stand and nursery:

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