Bird A Week Challenge: Week 35/52

I like drawing vintage style characters, so for this week, I drew a chick with a bonnet:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 34/52

For this weeks challenge, I decided to do a layout featuring our dog Hiro with his bird toy:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 33/52

While I was making beads for my BSBP partner, I was able to squeeze in this little owl.  He has crazy eyes, but is cute nonetheless. I used vintage finds and made him into a pendant:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 32/52

I was at my local craft store, and to my pleasant surprise, they now carry Vintaj brass findings.  And I found this cute bird charm! I made them into earrings for this weeks challenge:


Bird A Week Challenge: Week 31/52

Well, this week, I decided to do a zentangle type bird drawing:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 30/52

Well, the end of the week arrived sooner than I realized.  I have some ideas for more “Bird Of The Week” challenge projects, but for this week, I chose my daughter’s childhood drawing that has graced our kitchen wall these many years:

I think these are my favorite kind of art – Children’s Art!

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 29/52

This was a last minute creation. I couldn’t think of what to do for this weeks challenge, and then I remembered the birdie buttons in my button bin:

They are children’s buttons.  I incorporated  vintage lucite flowers and pearls, swarovski crystals, czech pressed glass, and finished them off with sterling silver.  I think they came out really cute!

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 28/52

We had a break in the hot weather, and I actually got a chance to get on the torch.  I made a little bluebird and a rosette bead, and made a pendant:

I have a habit of making googly eyed birds – I think they are cute!

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 27/52

After meeting DH for coffee today, I decided to check in at our local bead shop downtown.  I’m usually not a big fan of cloisonne beads, but these were the exception:

They are lightweight, and the colors are beautiful. I added smoky topaz faceted rounds as dangles – a perfect Bird A Week peacock earrings!

Bird(s) A Week Challenge: Week 26/52

This bird a week challenge is really turning out to be a challenge of endurance! We are halfway through the year, and  I am determined to make it to the finish :-).

This week, I pulled out a drawing book of animals that I have by Ed Emberly.  Mr. Emberly draws the most whimsical little characters, and shows how easily it is done.  I had fun drawing these birds:

If it’s not obvious, (L-R, T-B): chick, purple bird, owl, crow, pelican, green bird with long neck, and a rooster.

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 25/52

A couple of weeks ago, I made a magnet.  This week, at my daughter’s suggestion, I used the same method, vintage print, glue, and metal findings. Then I incorporated vintage chandelier drops and made a necklace:

I also made matching earrings with pearl drops:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 24/52

I love vintage/retro drawings. So, for this weeks challenge, I decided to try my hand at drawing a vintage style bird:

I started with a pencil sketch, outlined it in ink, scanned it into my computer, and colored it in photoshop.  It reminds me of drawings in childrens books and greeting cards from when I was a child.