Vintage Quilt Tops, Made By Someone, Someplace In Time…

I have been on a mission of sorts to adopt/rescue vintage quilt tops.  When I first set eyes on a vintage quilt top, it was love at first sight!  I could just imagine the history behind each and every one… Who pieced it? Where was it made? What did each piece of scrap represent? A baby’s jumper? A daughter’s dress? A son’s shirt? I could go on and on.  And most were pieced by hand, stitch by stitch… A labor of love.

So, after collecting several tops, I set out to finish them and gift them to my sisters; my dear sisters who lovingly care for our aging parents.  I chose to finish them by machine.  Several days of longarm rental later, and many hours of binding, here are the finished quilts ( I took advantage of dear younger son visiting):

My friend Fran gifted me with this cute yellow top:017

I found this Grandmother’s Garden top at our local antique mall, crammed into a plastic bag:020

I saw this cute butterfly top on Ebay and won! Now I want to make a butterfly quilt (Note to self: add to ever growing list):022

And I made one for my mother too – She’s one of us girls, and is very attentive to our father :).  I found this top at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market:015

And I still have several more that are waiting to be finished :).