What Have I Been Up To…

It’s already May.  Much has happened since I last posted.  Older son moved back to CA – yay! Younger son continues in the Bay Area, and dear daughter got hit by a car on her bike, but managed to make it to Nationals.  Thank God she is ok…

The inattentive gardener that I am, I dedicated two of my planters to growing berries.  I happened to be out poking around my garden today, and lo and behold, the berries were ripe!



I have been wanting my very own studio space.  When younger son moved up north, I eyed his room, but it was an overwhelming mess, since we started using it as a catch all room.  So, dear hubby suggested the kids bonus room.  He helped me organize it, put together some Ikea cabinets, and now I have my very own Studio! This is the old computer nook; now my sewing station:


Lots of storage for my quilting and art!


Vintage quilts I have been collecting for some special projects:


Now I have a place to display my vintage metal dollhouses:


My current quilt project.  A quilter, Laura West Kong, who belongs to my local Guild has a Quarter Daisy block in the book, Modern Blocks:


And the TV is still in here, so the kids are not totally deprived when they come home to visit:


I have always wanted to learn how to paint in acrylic.  A very talented friend of mine, Muriel Dolemieux is teaching a group of us in her home Studio.  I love it! it’s so much fun! Here is our first painting:


So, I’m keeping myself very busy.  Life is good!


  1. Very nice studio set up for all your art work!

  2. love your craft room! looks quite spacious! mine is sooo small! but grateful for the space none the less! YOu have been busy.. I love the painting youre working on. I used to do a lot of painting. but have done no real artsy painting in probably 15 years! I dont know why! The quilt blocks youre working on look great. cant wait to see the whole thing finished! Have fun! and happy Day!

  3. I’m so glad your daughter was ok! Wow! Your berries look so yummy. What a treat to have them right outside your door. I’m in love with your studio. It’s just lovely. Well deserved. I was especially excited to see your vintage dollhouses too! Keep on creating!

  4. Love your studio.

  5. Cecilia says:

    Your studio looks great! I also had an old metal dollhouse from my childhood that I had unfortunately donated years ago. I would have given it to you if I knew you were collecting them. I am so happy that you are also taking art classes. Your painting looks really good!

    • Thanks Cecilia! I do love painting! It’s the usual – the ideas in my mind far surpass my actual abilities. So, I will have to keep painting/practicing…

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