Quilts For My Sisters

I have three wonderful older sisters that form an amazing tag team caring for our aging parents.  Although I only live an hour away from them, it is not often that I am involved in their day to day care.  I have a friend who refers to herself as a “Disneyland daughter”.  Well, I feel like one at times…  Anyway, since I am so into quilting these days, I decided to make them each a quilt for their birthdays:


Dear hubby is also a bit of a “Disneyland son”.  His mother lives in Europe, and is cared for by his older brother.  Perhaps another quilt is in order…


  1. The quilts are absolutely beautiful. Your work is superb, love the fabric choice and piecing. Siblings are so important.

  2. You are amazing! Each one is beautiful.
    Chris =]

  3. I echo everyone’s statements. Your quilts are absolutely wonderful. The fabric choices are splendid. What special gifts.

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