May 2013 Garden

Yayyy!!! I made it.  It seems every year, I get later and later in putting in my vegetable garden.  What’s silly is that I have my gardener help clean out the raised beds in fall in preparation for cold weather planting. But then I don’t do it, and neglect the garden instead.  Then I have to have him help clean out the weeds before I plant in spring all over again.  I normally have everything in sometime in April, but this season, it went into May… I planted the usual; tomatoes, zucchinis, beans, melons, and artichokes.  Here are some photos of my vegetable garden.  The first one is looking toward the back of my house, second one is to the side, and the third, looking out at the back grove.  I am a “plant them and leave them kind” of gardener, so only the hardiest survive:

MayGarden2013_1 MayGarden2013_2 MayGarden2013_3

My Concord grape vines are doing great.  The Kyoho grape vines are so so.  The small bed was my herb garden, until the mint and some other herb jumped the planter and took over everywhere.  And that’s my garden gnome, his name is Norm (really original name, I know  ;)). Bougainvillea covered my trellis bench in the center, but this last frost killed one, and the gardener trimmed the other one down to the ground.  I need to think of another vine to plant that can withstand the colder temperatures in the winter.  The bright flowers on the bushy tree in the center photo are pomegranates.  I have them all over the back , as they seem to resist the gopher attacks better than some other plants.  Besides, I just love pomegranates!

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