April 2013 Garden

Everything is in bloom! We are surrounded by the wonderful fragrance of orange blossoms.  The bees are buzzing, and dear younger son home for spring break is on claritin.  The weather is just perfect – sunny and fresh!

Oh, wonderful orange blossoms!


I forgot the name of this tree, but the flowers are just beautiful:Garden_April2013_2

Front garden, so sunny and nice!Garden_April2013_3

Forgot the name of this plant too – pretty!Garden_April2013_4



Ditto again…Garden_April2013_6

Road Trip!

We finally managed to visit dear older son this last weekend.  The drive to Arizona was uneventful – DH drove all the way, very relaxed, and nice.  Here are some photos of the terrain –  and I thought we lived in the desert:


Here I am! with my two adorable boys – so happy to be together 🙂


And I had to add this photo: 20 years ago – so happy to be together then too…


Ok, back to the trip…  Gravel seems to be a big landscape feature around here:


Finally, some color… Downtown Tucson. We had a wonderful brunch at a French cafe.  Oh, and I had to take this photo of the street – I found it very interesting that we were required to park backwards.  I think it was for the safety of the bikers or something.  I’m thinking around where we live, you can get a ticket for parking backwards?


Here is DD, at a stop on the way back – she is giving me the “look” for trying to take her photo:


We stopped at Quartzite on the way home to refuel.  Since we were making good time, we decided to check out this bookstore… Word of warning, the proprietor works in the buff! I was a bit thrown off, but pretended like it was all normal :). Funny thing, he is in the buff, but all the books are wrapped in plastic so you can’t peruse them – must be to protect them from the desert dust. Tucson2013_6

And here is a funny road sign – I had to borrow this photo from the web. DH seemed to think he was back on a German Autobahn or something.  Before I could get my camera ready, we had already passed the sign:


Photo Mask #6 Freebie

Here is a photo mask freebie for this week. It’s a simple mask, but that’s what I like about it.  I can add embellishments of my choice to complement any project I’m working on. Personal use only. Enjoy!



Blythe Physical Challenge #77 – Happy Joke Day!

This challenge was a bit, yes, challenging.  So, what to do when you can’t think of a good harmless April Fools joke? Google it!  And this is what I came up with for this  Blythe Physical Challenge:

Blue spent a good part of the morning sitting off the side of the road with her “Free Cookies!” stand… Alas, no takers.  Maybe when dear younger son wakes up from his spring break stupor… 🙂