Last Prom Dress Shopping…

DD and I have had a “tradition” for the last three years.  Before any significant dances, Homecoming, Prom, Winter Formal, or a Ball, DD and I have gone shopping with her friend and her mom for dresses.  We would drive into Los Angeles, have a nice Dim Sum lunch in China Town, and after we were really full and satisfied,  hit the streets of the Garment District.  The girls would try on dress after dress, while us moms oooh’d and ahhh’d.  Then, they would finally find the perfect dress.  After that, we’d grab a Starbucks, before hitting the freeway home.  This last shopping expedition was fun, but bittersweet since this will be her last HS dance…


On the plus side, now I can start to explore the rest of downtown.  They not only have a garment district, there are flower districts, fabric districts, jewelry districts, and even toy districts.  I will just have to find a friend to take along. Oh, DD did not buy that cute little peach dress.  She opted for a floor length silver sequined gown – Oh, to be young and slender again…

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