Einkorn Bread

In our quest  for better health, DH and I have drastically altered our way of eating.  After reading the book Wheat Belly by William Davis, we decided to try a lifestyle without wheat.  I thought DH would have some difficulty with it since he grew up in Europe, on bread, pasta, whole milk, and real butter.  But, he’s managed much better than yours truly, and is back to the weight when we first met. Me, my cholesterol is great, but the weight has been slow to come off…  Anyway, in lieu of traditional bread, I bake an einkorn bread.  You can find the flour on numerous sites.  Einkorn is supposedly a much healthier alternative to the wheat we consume now.  Here is the recipe that I use: Hubpages.  It doesn’t rise as much, and isn’t as fluffy as regular bread, but all in all, a good substitute:


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