On Making Petal/Aloha Beads

I have finally figured out how to make the elusive petal/aloha beads… with the help of a couple of tutorials.  Of course, when I found the tutorials, I had to get both; Petal Bead tutorial and the Aloha Bead tutorial.  I had been muddling through on my own, wasting glass in the process and getting a bit frustrated and discouraged.  It’s a good thing the lampworking community is so generous in sharing their knowledge.  Usually, I can figure it out, but this bead has eluded me for some time.  As it usually is, I was on the right track, but omitted one crucial process. And now, it’s my favorite bead to make.  Here are some beads that I made a few days ago.  It does take a bit of patience and time, but the resulting beads are worth it!


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