Little Houses Project By Jojoebi Designs

I do my share of looking around the blog world, and recently came across Jojoebi Designs and her Little Houses Project.  My family came from Japan, so I found her blog, a western woman married and living in Japan blogging about life there very interesting.  You can go to Jojoebi Designs blog to get the details of the Little Houses Project.  In a nutshell, it is to make and send a small handmade house as a gift of encouragement to the survivors of the Tohoku Disaster:

Since I still have my sewing machine out from the time I started making my daughter her Homecoming dress, it was fun and easy to do.  The dress on the other hand may make it for Winter Formal, or perhaps the Prom… Anyway, here is the house I made:

I added a frog for luck, and gave him my handmade lampwork lily flower and pad.  If you would like to participate and make a house, go to Jojoebi Designs.


  1. I love the fabric you used for the roof, kawaii!
    Thank you for join in!

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