That Time of the Year Again…

Well, winter break + snow in the local mountains = snowboarding!

Here is a picture taken today of the mountains from our backyard. And the other is of my older son and his friend after a night of snowboarding last season. As you can see, that season came to an abrupt end. At least they were able to drive themselves to the ER :-). I’m hoping for a more safe and uneventful snowboarding season this break – two more weeks to go…


  1. They both broke their arms?!?!?! I can’t believe it. I hope it wasn’t their writing hands. Fun way to go back to school.

    • Yup, and they opted for the local ER over LL ER because they heard that the nurses were hotter at the local ER – go figure young men 🙂

      • the local ER is probably very familiar with broken bones. As to the hotness of the nurses… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With the injuries that your family is accumulating, I’d be VERY careful.

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