A Very Busy Day

Yesterday, my daughter and I had a fun-filled day of activities. We started off by visiting our local Y Alliance Annual Holiday Crafts Boutique and Pantry. I do, do my own baking for the holidays, but couldn’t resist buying a plate of yummy cookies from the pantry. I also visited two booths that I particularly like; “Isabel’s Creations”, and “SewDaisy”. Isabel does wonderful needlework/sewing (I got several x-mas gifts), and the ladies of SewDaisy make the cutest things out of fabric. I picked this apron up – I love love aprons!



Then it was off to my daughter’s guitar lesson. Her instructor is Jaime Valdovino of Valdovino Guitar Studios:

After that, we headed down to the beach cities. On our way, we stopped by the Winterfest show at the home of artist Joanna Mersereau where her beautiful art was featured. My friend Liz Coviello of Bizzi Lizzi Creations was also there with her wonderful button jewelry and quilts:


We finally made it to the beach cities. First, we met my sister and had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. I don’t recall ever having Vietnamese food, but it was delicious! We had a noodle salad called Bun:

Then we were off to the Piecemakers Christmas Fair. There were many booths, but one in particular caught my attention; Kyoto Studios Lampwork Glass Beads. Six years ago, when I first discovered lampwork beads, I came across Chiharu Richardson of Kyoto Studios. Before I learned to make my own beads, I was busy amassing a small collection of beads that I took a fancy to. My husband would ask me if the hobby was collecting or creating? – it was both :-). Chiharu still makes beautiful beads:


We also stopped by the Holy Honey Company. We all left with a purchase of a Dreamsicle All Natural Lotion Bar – really dreamy! And finished the fair off with funnel cake – yummy! (by the way, calories don’t count in December :-))


We did a couple more errands, and picked up my beverage of choice to fortify me for the drive home:

On our way home, we stopped by to pick up the newly released “Eclipse”

Ummm… If I had to choose, I guess I am Team Jacob – my daughter is definitely Team Edward 🙂


  1. Sounds like a fun day. I love the beautiful flower necklace even though it is not something I would wear. I’m with you. Team Jacob. I haven’t even seen the movies or read the book.

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