Happy Halloween!!!

I have been having fun with my new Wacom Bamboo pen and pad. Yes, it does look like a kindergartner job:

And here is Koko’s alter ego. Red eyes and all 🙂 :

Autumn Color

A new show at the Redlands Art Association themed “Autumn Color” started today. Here are some of the pieces I am displaying:


I can’t seem to resist making more acorns:


And some “Wild Things”…


Working with Copper

I was inspired by the Sep/Oct/Nov Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine to make these earrings. I incorporated  tiny lampwork beads I made – didn’t they come out beautifully! It was fun working on them as copper is not my usual medium. I put a patina on the one to the right: 


Artists for a Cause

I will be participating in the 2010 Artists for a Cause Show. This year’s recipient charity is Children’s Fund of San Bernardino County. The show is on Sunday, November 14th from 10:00am to 4:00pm. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by:

Lilies In My Pond

There is a small pond in my back yard that I planted a lily in, six years ago. This is the first year that we have been graced with a continuous show of flowers. Even as the weather has turned rainy, the lily has made an appearance every day. Here is a picture of the lily in my pond and my lampwork version of the lily – I listed them on etsy:


I also made these cute whimsical winged heart earrings:

A Pretty Cake!

Every year, my dear husband and children have baked me a cake for my birthday. This year, it was a one man show since the boys are away at college, and our daughter was out. After a minor mishap of overflowing cake batter and the “wonderful” aroma of burnt cake, this:

Became this:

Isn’t it pretty!

Hockey Again…

Well, I thought we were finished with ice hockey after 13 wonderful years (3 broken bones and 2 concussions) with our three children. But now, our middle son is playing for his university. Here is a bracelet I made  – I don’t wear lipstick, but I am THE hockey mom 🙂

Go Tritons !!! 🙂

Play defensively and don’t get hurt!!!

It’s Feeling Like Halloween…

I have been working on some Halloween custom orders. It’s finally starting to feel like the fall holidays are upon us…

Another “Feather” in my WW Cap

Annual WW lifetime recognition key – hooray!!!

Happy Birthday Koko!

Today is Koko’s Birthday – she is 6 years old; middle age in human terms. We have a love/hate relationship with her at times. She joined our family when our children were still young.  A little young for a tiny toy poodle. We went through the gamut of obedience school at our local pet chain store, an in-house canine therapist, and consults with our veterinarian. Koko’s issues seemed to be that she was a tiny little nervous dog who was trying to be “alpha” over us. Well, the solution apparently was to do her a favor and put her at the lower end of the pack, which meant at the time, below our 8-year-old daughter. What finally worked was the “Dog Whisperers’” philosophy. I bought his book and season DVD, and things improved tremendously. She still has her moments, but it is a world better than before. So, happy birthday Koko – we love you, may you live long and grow mellow with age 🙂

Fall has arrived?

I do believe the dog days of summer are over (I hope!). While walking around my back grove, I noticed signs of autumn. The acorns on the oak inspired me to make this adorable set:


Another sign of autumn – one of my many favorite fruits: