Drawing Lab 2011: Insects

Our assignment for this week was to draw an insect.  I decided to draw a Japanese Beetle.  It may sound a bit primitive, but before our family immigrated here, I lived in a small village as a little girl in Japan.  I remember people were encouraged to collect the heads of these beetles in exchange for money.  A local “organic” pest management system :-):

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #9

For this week’s students choice I did the Word Art assignment again:

Drawing Lab 2011: Jackson Pollack

I found this weeks assignment pleasantly freeing. The style of art was to do a “Jackson Pollack”.  I chose my favorite colors, and just went at it:

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice#8

For this weeks student choice, I did the Draw A Cat lesson:

Drawing Lab 2011: Jewelry Sketch

This week’s assignment was to draw a sketch of jewelry, preferably one handmade by self.  I chose one of my favorite types of jewelry to make; orange earrings. We live in a small grove, and I just love the look of little dangling oranges:

The actual sketch is not that bad, the scanner makes it look all washed out.

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #7

This week’s lab was again student’s choice.  I decided to do a mandala:

Drawing Lab 2011: Botanicals

This weeks assignment was to fill a page of my sketch book with a botanical design.  I chose the water lily in the small pond in our backyard.  I planted the lily several years ago, and this year, it has taken over the tiny pond and has graced us with a continuous show of pretty purple flowers:

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #6

For this weeks student’s choice, I did another portrait.  I am trying to challenge myself since I am not too keen on portraits.  This time, I drew Vincent Van Gogh:

Drawing Lab 2011: Rorschach Ink Blot

For this week, our assignment was to drip paint on card stock, use a palette knife to swish it around, let dry, then outline what we saw – a take on the Rorschach Ink Blot Test,  a method of psychological evaluation:

Well, after moving it this way and that, I saw a friendly, clawed, one-legged, winged fantasy creature – what does that say about me? 🙂

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #5

For this weeks Student’s Choice, I decided to do “Learning by Tracing”.  I chose an old photo of Frida Kahlo as my subject:

At first, I thought Frida would be an interesting/easy? subject because of her unique qualities.  Well, I had to laugh at my own sketch.  I don’t think I did her justice – perhaps with more practice?…

Drawing Lab 2011: Mandala’s

For this week’s assignment, we were instructed to draw a mandala. I chose a circular design, and colored it in rainbow colors:

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #4

This week was another student’s choice assignment. I chose to do the scribble drawing:

It is a littie blue fish with big eyes, sticking out his tongue :-).