Blythe Physical Challenge #76 – Which came first?

BPC#76 – Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

For this challenge, Lily, DD, and I headed out to our favorite candy store where we knew there would be lots and lots of yummy “chocolate” eggs.  The ladies in their usual white dresses were as kind as can be.

After careful consideration, Lily concluded that the chicken must have come first since pink chicky hopped off my craft table, and onto to her beanie before we left the house, and then she saw all the yummy chocolate eggs at the store!


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Photo Mask #1 Freebie

I like using photo masks on my blog posts as well as in digital layouts.  So I decided to make a few, and share them with you.  Here is the first one, and I will be posting more in the next few days.  Enjoy!



Getting Creative

I’ve been left at home to ponder, what am I doing with my life?…  DH is away on business, and DD is on spring break and running around with friends.  I jokingly tell my friends, I will soon be out of a job;  23+ years of being a stay-at-home mom.  I probably have mentioned this before, and I will probably be talking about it again and again…  Meanwhile, with Koko and Hiro my steady companions, I have been having some fun doing crafts.  I signed up for yet another little Easter swap at Cozy Blanket.  After I saw this little needle felted applique mold at Tuesday Mornings, I knew just what to make.


We were asked to create 5 items no bigger than the palm of our hand, which Debby over at Cozy blanket would combine to make into a banner.  Here is the extra one I made into an ornament:


And as long as I was in a creative mood, I decided to make something for Saint Patrick’s Day.  I found this pretty lady over at Marges8’s Blog.   I surrounded her in a spray of green from Michael’s.  She has taken up residence in the corner of my kitchen as the rest of the house is already decorated for Easter.


And look at what else I found while rummaging through my craft bins – some air dry clay, I don’t even know how old it is, but it seems to be in good shape still.  My mind is going off again in another creative direction…


March 2013 Garden

Turning into my driveway this afternoon after running errands, I noticed the blaze of pretty flower buds on my neighbors trees.  Several years ago, my neighbor purchased four white peach trees, and gave me one. She planted hers along the front of her property, and I planted mine behind my garage in the back.  Since then, I have noticed that there are specific microclimates, and her peach trees bloom before mine. So, I went to investigate, and sure enough, I had a couple of buds on my white peach, but all the other fruit trees in my back grove were in bloom. So, I dashed back into the house, grabbed my camera, and took these shots. They are really very beautiful.

Here is my white peach. It has about 6 blooms in all – Should be in full bloom within the next week or so:


Yellow peach – so pretty!



Not many avocados this season:


Our cherry trees, they had a handful of fruit last year – Hope all the blossoms are an indicator of a bumper crop.




Plum blossoms!


Apricots too!


White fig – I’ll have to try making fig jam this year.


Our passion fruit vine is still hanging on. According to our gardener, the banana trees are snuffing them out.


And here is said banana trees – they suffered a bit too during the cold spell.


Trumpet vines are blooming – I’m so happy!


There are only a few lemons left on my favorite lemon tree, but it looks like there will be more again in due time:


A Busy Weekend

The last few weeks have been a bit stressful to say the least.  Youngest child, last college application process… A few more weeks, and we should know where we stand.  I say “we” as this application process is a “family activity”.  As DD has not a clue what she wants to study, we took an opportunity to attend the Society Of Women Engineers Conference last weekend.  She was not too thrilled at the idea initially, but after the first seminar, she was hooked!


We had also signed up for a swimsuit sewing class the next day.  I have never sewn lycra before, so it was very interesting for me.  We chose patterns, traced, cut, and learned how to sew lycra.  Neither DD or I managed to complete our suits during class, so we both have some homework to complete.


I can’t remember the last time I put on a swimsuit… Hmmm, maybe I’m not in such a hurry to finish my suit after all.Sewing2

Vintage Saint Patrick’s Day Mini Kit Freebie

I recently purchased a very pretty vintage art deco die cut bridge tally card.  Oh, I just love vintage! And, since it was so nice, and perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day, I decided it was time to put together a quick mini kit.  I scanned, cleaned up, and extracted this pretty girl on a fan holding a clover, added some CU stuff, and here it is.  Please note, it is for personal use only:


Enjoy! And if you like it, please leave me a comment!


Happy Girl’s Day 2013!

Today is Girl’s day in Japan – Happy Girl’s Day everyone!!! Tradition/superstition has it that you display your Girl’s Day dolls before March 3rd, and put them away immediately after.  This is to insure that your daughters get married in a timely manner.  I am number four of four girls.  I don’t think my mother was always fastidious on this rule, and we all four managed to get married in a “timely” manner 🙂