A Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are fun to make.  Small, cute, and fast to complete. Kind of an instant gratification quilt.  My friend Muriel has a new grandson, and when I came across this French bunnies fabric, I could not resist :)


A Modern Quilt

My very first modern quilt.  Dear Hubby hung curtain rods in my studio – perfect for displaying my latest creation.  And my sweet quilting buddy, Hiro :)


Pink Cactus!

Pink Cactus

Yay! I have finally finished my Pink Cactus painting!

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Wow, what a great start to a new year! A coupe of months ago, I entered a drawing for a really neat quilt top, Scamp.  Linda Miller has a website, Quilts And Quilt Tops, where she posts all the wonderful tops that she creates.  Linda is not only a very productive and talented quilter, she […]

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More Vintage Quilt Tops


I found this pretty quilt top on Etsy.  It is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  The seller had it for many years, and decided to part with it.  I like it so much, I think I’ll be keeping this one :) A couple more quilts made of vintage quilt tops.  I find tops that I […]

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A Quilt For Muriel


I’ve mentioned before that a group of us friends are meeting once a week for painting lessons with a very talented artist friend, Muriel Dolemieux.  I just love her work! it is so colorful and happy!  So, combining my current obsession of quilting, and painting, I thought it would be fun to make Muriel a […]

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My Second Sew Sisters Exchange Quilt Reveal


We had our sixth annual ( second for me) Sew Sisters Quilt Exchange Reveal last month.  Long post, but well worth looking at all the beautiful quilts!  

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Vintage Quilt Tops, Made By Someone, Someplace In Time…


I have been on a mission of sorts to adopt/rescue vintage quilt tops.  When I first set eyes on a vintage quilt top, it was love at first sight!  I could just imagine the history behind each and every one… Who pieced it? Where was it made? What did each piece of scrap represent? A […]

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Ellie’s Row By Row


Our quilt group has been working on our Row By Row quilts for some time now.  I did another row for my dear friend Ellie.  The first one I did was back in March of last year, a winter row.  Ellie’s theme is “Seasons”.  This time, I did a summer row.  There is an order […]

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What Have I Been Up To…


It’s already May.  Much has happened since I last posted.  Older son moved back to CA – yay! Younger son continues in the Bay Area, and dear daughter got hit by a car on her bike, but managed to make it to Nationals.  Thank God she is ok… The inattentive gardener that I am, I […]

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Hemet Quilt Show & The Dammit Doll


I am still in the process of cleaning/organizing the kids old bonus room into somewhat of a studio/sewing room for myself.  It is a long process… Amazing how much fabric I have amassed in the last year and a half of quilting.  And equally amazing that the kids have “moved out” but still have most […]

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New Shoes


I don’t know why, but I am not a fan of shoe shopping.  After wearing my all purpose sneakers on my last hike and nearly destroying them, I realized I really needed new hiking shoes as well as workout shoes.  So, dear hubby happily accompanied me to the outlets.  I am very fortunate to have […]

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