Valentine Swap

I mentioned earlier that I was involved in a Valentine Swap.  It was hosted by Viv over at Viv Out On A Whim – Thank you Viv!  And I was partnered with a most talented mixed media artist, Cheryl over at Artsy Fartsy.  Cheryl sent me lots of goodies, including a bunch of caramel kisses! And I especially like the cupid tag she made using her husbands great-great-great grandfathers vintage photo as cupid! :)  Thank you Cheryl!

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For whatever reason, this time of year, I seem to need some kind of spiritual connection.  Possibly the end of a hectic holiday season, and the departure of my children back to their respective lives?  I found myself feeling really empty after everyone left, and I was putting away Christmas decorations by myself.  So, the following weekend, I took myself and dear hubby to our church.  There, I had the opportunity to reach in a basket and select my word for the year – “Balance”.  Somehow, it seems very appropriate…

In my never ending quest for good health, and simply to try and stay out of Medical offices, I joined a local hiking group.  We have been hiking the hills surrounding our town and a neighboring one.  The views are breathtaking, the hills are green, and hiking is becoming addictive!

And to get my “Crafty” back on, I joined a Valentine swap.  It’s fun making things for someone, and it’s also fun to make things to decorate around the house.  I don’t have much in the way of Valentine decorations, so I made a heart ornament and a heart box for myself too.  The box top is made using a copy of a vintage card I purchased.  Under the girl’s skirt is a place to dab some perfume.  Amazing the ideas they came up with back in the day:


Happy Holidays!


It’s been a very busy last few weeks.  Dear older son has come and gone, dear younger son and dear daughter will be returning to the Bay area and University after the new year.  The quilts I made for them were a hit.  I had been collecting Japanese themed fabrics, and made them all the […]

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An Update


So much for yacking about my garden every month… I have decided to try winter gardening as I am such a hands off summer gardener.  It just gets too hot around here during the summer. So, with the help of my gardener, my planters are ready to go – whenever I get going: We had […]

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Now that dear younger son graduated, we have been deprived of watching Collegiate Ice Hockey games.  But fear not, dear daughter has joined the Triathlon team in addition to the cycling team.  So last weekend, we woke at 4:30 in the morning and headed to my alma mater to watch her participate in her first […]

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A Very Special Birthday


Last month was my Birthday.  For whatever reason, I spent the last year thinking I was 53, when in fact, I was 54.  So, it felt like I got two years older!  Oh well, I am just happy to celebrate another birthday :).  Normally, dear hubby bakes me a cake, but he was out of […]

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Gift Quilts


I finished these quilts back in August, and can now share them since they have been given to their recipients.  I made the first quilt for my MIL, when we visited her in Europe.  I used a kit I found at our local quilt shop.  The second one, I made for my brother-in-law.  He likes […]

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A Yoyo Quilt

2014-10-04 10.56.34_mod

I was visiting my parents today, and took photos of a yoyo quilt I had made for them years ago.  I must have been a teenager, since the gift was for their 25th wedding anniversary in the ’70s?  I don’t think they actually got the quilt until much later.  Looking back, I am amazed that […]

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The Start Of Another School Year


Since dear hubby drove up with younger son to the bay area, then flew home, it was my turn to drive dear daughter back down to University.  We managed to pack everything in – I think it helped that she only took her road bike.  Now it’s time to pick up and clean up the […]

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Kid #2 Launched… Sort Of


Younger son has moved up to the bay area to start his newly graduated life.  Unlike older son, younger son goes without employment.  It is an adventure of sorts.  He and two of his friends are working on a Social Media start up, and will find jobs(eventually) to sustain themselves.  Oh, to be young again, […]

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Our Family Vacation


We had a wonderful family vacation the past two weeks.  Amazingly, all five of us were able to take a vacation together.  I took tons of photos, and here are just a few – from Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria: Zagreb Cathedral, Croatia: Church of St. Mark: Shopping in Zagreb.  As you can see, the boys […]

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Cowboy Quilt Top


I started this quilt a year ago.  It was a pattern from one of the classes I took.  Since I didn’t like my fabric choice(too plain and boring), I decided to applique cowboys and horses that I found in the book Applique Quilt Revival. The cowboys and horses are raw edge applique that I blanket […]

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