July Garden 2014 & Row By Row

This month, I am featuring my vegetable garden.  For the amount of care I give, I am always pleasantly surprised with the results:


And for Vickie, I did two rows; the second and fourth from the top – both are paper pieced.  Here are the links to the two rows:  Flying Geese and Tippecanoe.


Photomask Freebie #22

I needed a break from sewing/quilting, so I got on Photoshop and made this photomask to share – Enjoy!






I started this blog four years ago, when dear younger son went off to college and I was sad.  This weekend, he graduated from University.  Dear older son drove out from Arizona for the event.  So, it was a wonderful weekend – we were once again all together!  And finally, the Kings won, and younger […]

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Quilty Friends Are The Best!


I have told myself no more buying fabric… Well, leave it to my Quilty friends to surprise me with fabric! After we’ve been quilting together for a while, we know exactly what the others like.  And here are the cute, colorful vintage fabrics they got me.  Thanks Ellie & Donna – so sweet! And here […]

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My Little Projects


I have actually  managed to finish a few little projects.  Dear hubby got a new tablet for his birthday from the kids.  He remembered the cover I made for dear daughter, and asked me to make one for him.  I had a block left from the quilt I made for my mom, and used it: […]

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June Garden 2014 & Row By Row


So happy… Passion fruit vine is making a comeback: And I finished another row by row.  This one is for Tina.  Her theme is “Fish & Sea”.  I didn’t piece, but appliqued an under the sea world filled with colorful tropical fish, bubbles, seaweed, & coral:  

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May Garden In June 2014 & Darlene’s Quilt


Oops! I seem to have forgotten to post about my garden last month.  It has been so hot around here, I really haven’t been out in the garden much. The Mexican primrose have been filling our garden – here are a few with the flamingos in the background: I hosted a luncheon at my home […]

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Quilts For My Sisters


I have three wonderful older sisters that form an amazing tag team caring for our aging parents.  Although I only live an hour away from them, it is not often that I am involved in their day to day care.  I have a friend who refers to herself as a “Disneyland daughter”.  Well, I feel […]

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Darlene’s Row


I have been keeping very busy lately.  One of the things that have been occupying my time has been our Quilting groups row by row project.  Here is one I did for Darlene.  Her theme is “Stars”.  I found this most wonderful Crane Star block.  I made two Crane Star blocks, and combined them with […]

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Pillows & Tomatoes


It was way past time to switch out my family room couch slip covers from the holiday red to a spring/summery cool off white.  After doing so, I realized it needed a pop of color.  So, I decided to make new slip covers for the pillows.  It may be a bit flowery for dear hubby, […]

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Shoe Shopping And Antiquing


Dear Hubby decided it was time to go and get some new shoes.  This entails driving to the outlet malls and looking through various shoe shops, and Electronics shops as well… So, the ever supportive wife that I am, I decided to tag along.  I am not the stereotypical woman; I am not into shoes.  […]

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April Garden 2014 And Update


I went out to my garden, thinking what I wanted to plant, and beheld this beautiful sight. My artichoke plant from last year had flowered! So beautiful! And there are more on the way. Not sure if I should harvest them, or just let them flower: And, I have  been very busy sewing away.  I […]

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